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16 °C

Right now im in Chile to be honest this is the coldest I have been since my trip thank god I brought some sweaters and leggings! On my last country it has finally come to a end which is so sad. But im happy im ending it off at a beautiful place ! im going to be going to Pumalín Park for a very nice hike with some new friends I have meet here. This is going to be long and tiring but I know its going to be worth it. The park is 3,250km.Next on my list for today is going to be the Santiago Metropolitan Park which im going to be spending all day here with my new friends hanging out and enjoying this amazing culture .Im going to swim,shop,walk, and enjoy the restaurant's s and embrace my last day on my trip here!

The hotel I stayed at in Chile was the Sheraton hotel which was 220$ for 1 night!

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sunny 23 °C

A place that everybody should visit argentina at least once in there life. Today was a pretty adventures day I went to Mar de plata which has great fishing and beaches and surfing! today I would like to let everybody know that I rode the waves today! honestly anther check off my bucket list! Then later on I wanted to do some physical stuff so I played tennis at Tandil then later on golfed. My body is so sore now but the sleep im going to have tonight is going to be great!

The hotel I stayed at the Regal Pacific Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires which was 360$ for 1 night

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Eye opener country

sunny 31 °C

AYYYY so right now I'm finally in my dream country brazil! Im going to Rio de Janerio the first thing is I'm going to be seeing christ the redeemer which is a very popular statue of jesus christ.Which was created by polish-french sculptor Paul Landowski and which was built by the brazilian engineer Heitor da silva costa. Then i would love to soak in the sun and go to the beach and thats what I'm going to I'm gonna go to copacabana. Then I'm gonna end my day right at the wire opera house it shows visual arts and architecture and design.

The hotel i stayed at was hotel and spa do vinho which was 382$

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New york

The city thats changes you!

semi-overcast 20 °C

I have never been so excited before i think but i am right now ! This is what i have heard is a city that changes you ,makes your dreams come true. Right now I'm standing in time square so in aw that so many soon many people are all at this one place at the same time .Im looking up and all i can see are big light up signs shinning for broadway musicals for restraints shops are so big with bold writing for the store signs.This to me is real magical .Im gonna go to the wizard of Oz musical today and as well drive my way up to manhattan then brooklyn which I'm going to be crossing over the brooklyn bridge yeah!! I can't forget i really do have to meet up with some of my good pals here in central park which is so big and the scenery is to die for.Then me and my pals are going to be going on a nice little boat ride on the water circling around the one and only statue of liberty!

The hotel I'm going to be staying at is New york hilton midtown which is 237$ for one night

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overcast 13 °C

Right now I'm in the very lively San Fran today Its going to be a very jam packed day with a lot of amazing sites I'm gonna see! First on the list I'm going to be driving down the well known golden gate bridge I'm gonna take a ton of pictures and upload them on instagram! then from that drive down the golden gate bridge I'm going to be driving to chinatown to get a little taste of the culture and the people there i wanna spend a good amount of my day there taking in the culture . Of course i love to shop so I really must go to pier 39 which is a very popular tourist attraction which is of course built on a pier, giving its name pier 39 theres shops, restaurants, a video arcade,street performers,aquarium of the bay and virtual 3D rides! To end off my day right and holy I'm going to be going to grace cathedral to light a candle for my loves ones and to go to a night mass!

The hotel I'm going to be staying at is The fairmont San francisco for 260$ 1 night

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