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All star texas

hey there partner

33 °C

So today Im in the one and only Dallas if your here of course you gotta see a Dallas cowboys game. I went and its a blast the fans there are off the wall crazy they just are so alive its makes the game 10 times better they won the against raiders 36 to 18. Later on i went to a ranch in texas so see some old friends and ride some horses.The weather is so warm there thank god my friend had a pool so i could jump in. I then later off after i got cool went to the Johnson space center NASA never been so interested before in anything to do with space but this exhibit opened up my mind to the other wonder in the world! it was founded in 1961.to end off my day I got some good steak and chicken on the BBQ and a nice baked potato to go with that !

I stayed in the Joule, Dallas which cost 320$ for 1 night

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La Vie En Rose

Paris straight ahead

sunny 21 °C

[left]Today I am in this beautiful city called Paris with great fashion ,bright lights and macaroons and baguettes every street corner I take. I'm making my way right now to the Arc De Triumph. I have been here before and now that I'm back again its like nothing has changed its so beautiful and has so much history be hide it! Right now Im going to this little Italian restaurant with a great cuisine menu. later on tonight im going to make my way to the Eiffel tower I cant wait to see it light up and be able to get some souvenirs on the 2 floor on the Eiffel tower for my friends and family back home! the Eiffel tower was made in January 28th 1887. Its almost time for me to go to bed but Im going on a little boat cruise around the city of love i saw the lock bridge were lovers or friends lock these locks and throw there keys in the water forever. Its suppose to mean there making a wish together for love or friendship! the scenery is beautiful i really am in aw.

I stayed at the Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel which cost 220$ for 1 night

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Bright & right

sunny 24 °C

I'm on my way to Pearson airport right now, to go to Europe! I'm very excited for this amazing trip I'm about to go on! First on my list for my amazing package deal trip is to Barcelona! I'm very stoked I have only been there once in my life and it was beyond amazing just the people and the beautiful architecture there and the food and the fashion there is so different from what I know it absolutely beautiful and such a eye opener to see what other countries experience. When I go to Barcelona my first thing I'm going to do is go to Museu nacional d'Art de Catalunya.I wanna be able to see the beautiful art work and the history be hide it!

8 hrs passed

IM FINALLY HERE YEAHHH! So today I indeed went to the museum it was absolutely wonderful, I learned so much about the history and how it came to be .Later tonight im going to the Barcelona game! I'm gonna see my favorite soccer player Neymar. Tonight I'm gonna sing the chants so loud I'm not gonna be able to speak tomorrow that's how fun this game is gonna be. They're playing against Madrid so this game is gonna get dirty. Talk to you tomorrow world!


i stayed at the Alexandra Barcelona, a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel which costed me 206$ for 1 night

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Hallo, guten Morgen

German ethnicity ahead

sunny 27 °C

So right now I took a train from Paris to Germany it sure was a long train ride for me everybody was so noisy all I wanted to do was sleep, but it was okay I got to meet some new people and have some conversations with them they were pretty cool I talked to them in German because I was taught it at such a young age . Heute ist ein toller Tag zu erkunden that means today is a amazing day to explore, which it really is! Today on my list Im going to be visiting the The Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany is the world's largest museum of science and technology, with approximately 1.5 million visitors per year and about 28,000 exhibited objects from 50 fields of science and technology. Its pretty interesting that museum is defiantly a check off my bucket list! Munich Germany is the capital of Bavaria. Later on Im going to Gothic Neues Rathaus (town hall), with a popular glockenspiel show! but wait we still have more of the day left i will being going to Berlin later on. I will be travelling in a rented car and driving on the right side instead of the left in Canada. Im going to city City Palace, Berlin to see the historical Architectural style that was completed in 1451. I then shall end off my day with some delicious currywurst and Pfannkuchen.

I stayed at Hotel Bavaria which cost me 157$for the night but i did have a marvelous sleep and great guest service

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